About Us


Natures Happiness is passionate about creating organic wholesome allergy free formulations. Our products are created by professionals in the field. They are one of a kind formulations being plant based, allergen free and organic. Little Munchkins Toddler Super Drink was formulated to close the gaps in nutrition that children with allergies and sensitivities may have in the most wholesome way. 

Our Story 


My mission is to provide an allergy free vegan alternative formula, high in minerals and vitamins for those unable to have dairy and for parents wanting to make sure their toddlers/child is getting enough calcium and other essential minerals for growth. As well as providing a multi-use product not just for essential minerals but so much more.


The Creator of Little Munchkins Sarah Kottmann is a homeopath/herbalist/nutritionist who works with allergies and conditions caused by allergies and intolerance's, her own son had an intolerance to dairy, and she wanted to make sure he was provided with the important vitamins and minerals found in dairy products, however the current alternative to dairy is soy, which contains an oestrogen factor that mimic our normal oestrogen making it unsuitable alternative for young children. This is how Little Munchkins was formed, as there was a gap in the market for an alternative natural allergy free vegan formula. Using her knowledge of herbs and nutrition Little Munchkins has become a healthy nutritious Super drink both for the Morning and Night in toddlers/children aged 12 months up to 6 years.


The story does not end with the launch of Little Munchkins Sarah has been working on new and innovative products both babies and breastfeeding mums.