Plant based 

Infant formula 0-12 month  


What we can tell you 

It will be vegan friendly 

It will be organic 

It will be plant based

It will have no nasty ingredients 

It will have no soy, dairy, corn, nuts or other allergens 

It will be within the Australian regulatory standard for infant formula 

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Note oct 2020 update: At this point we have no new as to when it will be available we hope in the near future. 

Company statement on breastfeeding 

The following statement is not made because we are obligated to under law or regulations; this is what our company stands for and it is our honest truth.


We support all mothers 100% in the choices they make for their child and we place no judgment over these choices.  We do however want to make it clear we 100% advocate in favour of breastfeeding because of all its amazing benefits and the way breast milk changes to suit each babies needs, especially in newborns as we believe no formula could ever replace this.

The reason we have created an infant formula is for parents who are unable to breastfeed or require the use of additional support alongside breastfeeding. We want to give those parents and babies the highest quality allergen free formula currently available on the market today.