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Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Little Munchkins is versatile and can be used in more ways then just mixed in milk or coconut water. Here are some other ways in which Little Munchkins can be used.

As a warm chocolate or warm vanilla drink- simply warm up your choice of milk in a forth machine or on the stove and pour onto the Little Munchkin powder. Enjoy a yummy warm drink on a cold day/night. To add sweetness you could had some coconut sugar or rice syrup.

Smoothies- Why not mix it into a smoothie to give the smoothie or milkshake thickness without adding ice cream. Simply add your chosen fruit such as banana, the morning drink, some fresh dates for sweetness if required (2 is enough), and your chosen milk.

You could also make mixed berry smoothie in the Sleepy time mix with chosen milk and some maple syrup for sweetness if required.

you can use it in yogurt, buy a plain coconut yogurt and mix a scoop of Little munchkins plus some added fruit.

So many uses for Little Munchkins that your children can enjoy.

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