Sprouted Brown Rice protein

One of the main protein sources within our formulations is the Sprouted brown rice protein. The protein from rice has so many benefits listed below, but another reason I choose to use Brown rice protein is because it has been closely linked to having the same amino acid chain to breastmilk. Of course Breastmilk itself has a massive amount of other inclusions and is forever changing with your baby, which is why it can't be replicated in a powder form but when moving on from breast feeding the transition becomes easier for the digestive system when the protein source is closely related.

Because the protein we use is Germinated (sprouted) it has the additional presents of the GABA amino acid, which calm the mind and reduces nervous activity of the mind. Along with this the process also increases essential components like vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre.

The benefits of the sprouted brown rice protein:

. hypo allergenic

. Alkaline

. easily digestable

. Combined with the pea protein gives a complete amino acid profile essential for the use of protein within the body.

. Vegan Friendly

. Free from GMO

. Sprouted giving it natural prebiotic for healthy tummies

. Certified organic ingredient

Our protein is sourced from the best and each batch is tested for heavy metals before being added to our products giving you peace of mind.

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