Solving the sleep problem

Why want my child sleep ? Its the age old question and of course not everyone has this issue with children waking during the night or not sleeping well. Of course there are many factors to consider when assessing why a child isn't sleeping.

Some of these may be:

  • Anxiety or fears

  • Hunger

  • Room is to hot or to cold or they feel to hot or to cold

  • Loud noises

  • nightmares or night terrors

  • Child is ill with cold, flu, cough

Once you have isolated the problem you can then assist in solving it.

Stick to a routine so the child feel safe and secure and know what happening next, making sure it something that is soothing and doesn't stimulate.

Use a night light if fear of the dark is a problem.

make sure the room is the right temperature for your child preference and that they are correctly clothed.

Give them a special toy or blanket that acts as there security and bring reassurance.

See a homeopathic practitioner if their is re occurring night terrors or nightmares, major fear or anxiety.

To help calm the mind and fill up the tummy use Little Munchkins Sleepy time mix, which is packed full of easily digestible protein and herbs to help calm the mind and ease anxiety ready for sleep.

Mum who have used it have said that it help calm there children and helps their child sleep through the night.

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