Tummy Bugs

It seem to be going around the dreaded tummy bug or also known as Gastroenteritis, an infection of the digestive system, which is caused by either a virus or bacterial infection. Common causes include not washing hand after using the toilet, coming into contract with someone who has the virus or from contaminated water. Symptoms can be mild or extreme. The symptoms of Gastroenteritis include:

Vomiting and or Diarrhoea

Stomach cramping.





no apetite or very little

Children can become dehydrated every quickly so its extremely important to make sure that hydration is maintained with Electrolytes and to consult a health care practitioner if you have any concerns.

Ways to help your child or yourself overcome the tummy bug effectively.

Coconut water : Is high in natural electrolytes, which is why we use it in the Morning and Night formulations. If the child does not like the coconut water on it own can be added to juice, smoothies instead of milk or you can add Little Munchkins into the coconut water giving the additional benefits of the protein and Nutrition.

If they want it only give very plain food that does not irritate or some fresh fruit as the stomach is healing and needs that time to recover.

Probiotics : A good times to fill the tummy with some good bacteria.

Avoid Dairy as it is in inflammatory food and will inflame the digestion symptom even more, making the symptoms much worse.

Homeopathy: Used to reduce the symptoms of Diarrhoea and Vomiting, remedies like Ars, Verb album and Carbo veg. Match the symptoms with the remedy to get the best effect or see your local homeopath to get an accurate prescription.

Make are you get plenty of rest, stay away from others in the community and keep hydrated.

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