Allergy awareness week

This week is allergy awareness week and I wanted to talk a little about the difference between an allergy and a sensitivity or intolerance.

Allergies are the serious reactions that cause the body to develop hives, throat closing up, difficult in breathing and if very serious will turn into an anaphylaxis shock.

Allergies generally develop at a young age but can develop later in life.

Common allergen include:



Foods such as peanuts, cows milk, soy, seafood

cats or dogs



What happen to the body during an allergy reaction?

The allergen is ingested or inhaled and the body sees it as harmful even though it should be harmless and attacks it with antibodies, which then cause the symptoms to occur in the body. The antibodies attach themselves to cells called mast cells which release substances, including histamine.

Some other effect that may be consider more of a sensitivity but can certainly happen in cases of allergy is symptoms and condition like eczema, asthma, colic and diarrhoea.

Symptoms of Hayfever are also a form of Allergy caused by an Allergen that is inhaled rather then digested.

A food Sensitivity or intolerance does not cause the same direct action but can cause a decline of health over time rather the straight away like an allergy. This could be months or years.

The digestive system tend of have what is called "leaky Gut syndrome " and it because of this that the sensitivity occurs. But the intolerance can also be the reason why the leaky gut occurred in the first place.

What is leaky Gut syndrome ?

Leaky Gut Syndrome is when your digestive tract is slightly impaired and causing food particles to moves into the blood stream, this creates a reaction that inflames the body and creates IgG antibodies. The common allergenic food such as gluten, egg and dairy are the first that you react to, it left over long period of time has been shown to be a causing factor in autoimmune disease.

The inflammation in the digestive tract then causes symptoms such as:

stomach aches

constipation and diarrhoea

headaches/ Migraines

skin rashes and skin problems

immune system imbalances


and in children behavioural issues

Foggy brain and memory trouble.

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The factors that contribute to leaky Gut syndrome

there are a number of possible factors that can disturb the gut lining

antibiotics and other medication

genetic sensitivity to the allergen that cause the disturbance


bad food habits and unhealthy food

heavy metal toxicity

pathogens in the digestive system

Can it be fixed ?

The short answers is yes by removing the foods causing the problem ( test can be conducted to see what food causing sensitivities ), healing the digestive system and lining and then slowly reintroducing the food after 3 month of healing to see if it still causes a problem, if so you know its genetic then stay clear of the food.

You must heal the gut correctly to see any change permit change to occur.

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