Calming with Passiflora

Passiflora is also known as passion flower, their are over 500 species of this flower but one in particular is researched for its benefits in helping anxieties and insomnia.

The use of Passiflora as medicine dates back to 1500's when it was used as a type of sedative or diuretic.

These days it is used as a :

Anti anxiety agent as it activates the receptors in the brain that induce natural sedation. Research shows even just using it as a tea can help to reduce anxiety and promote calming effects.

Sleeping aid reducing restlessness, irritability and tension, It does this by boosting the GABA in your brain, which is responsible for calming the brain and helping you sleep.

This is why passiflora was added to the Little Munchkins sleep mix to help calm the mind ready for a good night sleep in a gentle way.

Works well in conjunction with Chamomile, which we also used in our mix.

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