What alternative milk should I choose ?

What is the best alternative milk to choose when you come off dairy. There are a number of reason one might choose no longer want to drink dairy. Some of these may be:

You have chosen to be Vegan

You have an allergy or intolerances to dairy

You have come to realise that what you are drinking is of very poor quality due to the overproduction of milk and inhumane practices in the dairy industry.

Whatever the reason you are now stuck wondering what alternative milk one should have and how your have read soy is the all evil. But the alternative milk just don't have the same nutritional benefit. So what do you do?

For children I always suggest taste preference is best and if they are using Little Munchkins then the nutritional content of the product they are drinking is covered. They will get the right amount minerals such as calcium and some vitamin D to help growth and development along side the rest of there diet. For adult it can be more difficult and best to make sure that you are eating a well balanced diet with enough calcium and vitamin D.

You can make your own Almond milk by blending activated almond (soak almonds overnight) with filtered water and adding rice syrup to sweetened if needed. Use a nut bag to remove the pulp and leave in the fridge. Must be used within a few days.

Places like costco now sell fresh almond milk with higher % of almonds, other companies like Pure Harvest make a good range of organic alternative milk without adding all the extra stuff and reducing the sugar load.

Read the ingredients before choosing any product, the less ingredient and the more natural ingredient are the better the product is for your health.

Alternative milk

Coconut milk

Coconut milk contains electrolytes and has a natural sweetness to it, it comes from the meat of a mature coconut, which the coconut flesh is grated, soaked in water, and strained to make the milk. It's a great alternative to almond milk for those with nut allergies. The milk is high in vitamins and minerals such as iron and magnesium, but does not contain calcium. Many people think due to the high fat content that its not good for you, as we are told to stay away from saturated fats, which I also teach. However the saturated fat in coconut milk or oil is different to the statured fat in everything else as it is medium chain Trigylceride (MCT). MCT works differently in the body as it goes directly to the liver from the digestive system and as such does not get stored as fat. Recent research suggest that coconut oil high in MCT helps people lose weight.

When I am talking about using coconut milk for Little Munchkins or in smoothies I mean the milk available in the long life section, my favourite of those is the Coco Quench by Pure Harvest as it does not contain additional additive, and is a combination rice and coconut. There no additional sugars added, it only contains that of the coconut milk itself.

Heating coconut milk bring out the very coconut flavour, which make it difficult to have in coffee, having it cold and in smoothie you don't notice a strong coconut taste.

Rice milk

Another alternative to almond milk for those with nut allergies. Is quite watery and does not have much of a taste. When I first started giving my son Little Munchkins I use to use Rice milk again by Pure Harvest as it is organic and has no additives. Its better absorbed through infant stomaches, it contains B vitamins, calcium and magnesium You must be careful with the brand you use as a lot of companies use thickeners, which have an adverse effect on our health. Always read your labels and ingredients.

Almond milk

One of my favourites if you do not have an allergy to nuts, again I recommend the Pure Harvest brands as they contain no additives and are organic. You can now get fresh almond milk with higher content of almond or make your own, this will give you a higher content of vitamin and minerals.

Almond milk has a creamy, nutty flavour the higher the almond content the creamier it is, again when heating almond milk tend to make the milk separate and cause a strong nutty flavour to come through. There are some almond milk coming to market which when heated taste good in coffee or hot chocolate, however normally contains additives and higher sugar content.

Unfortunately there is not much calcium in Almond milk possibly due to the % of almond used, higher the % the more calcium. Almond milk is naturally rich in vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin E.

Macadamia milk

A newer milk on the market, again you can make your own. Have not had the chance to try this one with Little Munchkins, but have had the chance to have it in ice coffee and chai.

To make your own soak macadamia nuts for 2 hrs around 1 cup with add 3 cups of filtered water with a small pinch of salt and a splash of lemon juice. Let that soak and then drain and rinse nuts after 2 hours. Place nuts, 3 cups of fresh filtered water, salt and additional (if having sweet) into a blender and blend. No need for nut bag its ready to drink. To sweeten add vanilla extra and some maple syrup around 2 tablespoon or rice syrup. This will last 2-3 days in the fridge if airtight.

Does contain a small amount of calcium, is high in Iron and magnesium.

Oats milk

Oats milk taste alright on cereal, I have not tried it in smoothies and with Little Munchkins. Oats milk is high in fibres, it does contain gluten so be aware of this if you have a gluten allergy or intolerance. It does contain some vitamins and minerals as well. Goes well on cereal but I cant imagine it being very nice to drink.

Soy milk

Many allergies are now also being seen with soy milk and we need to be very aware that soy beans are genetically modified, which is most likely why allergies have started to occur.

Yes soy does act like oestrogen in the body and does bind to oestrogen receptors, which means its not a great alternative to infants to young children. For Adult women and those going through menopause a good soy milk like your Bonsoy, which has been fermented and is organic can be a good alternative. Soy milk does contain calcium as well as other minerals, but you need to be aware of the type of soy milk you are buying.

This is a type of milk I say have in moderation, the Bonsoy is great and creamy for heating in Hot chocolates and Coffee. Not recommended for Little Munchkins products as this would be to much soy milk and not suitable for that age group in large amounts.

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