How to use Little Munchkins for different age groups.

A lot of the question I get asked is how is the product best mixed and give to my child. The answer always depend on the age of your child. I have broken down the best way for each age group to be able to drink Little Munchkins in this blog.

This will also help when transition from breastfeeding or formula bottle feeding as the toddler will see the drink as something different and special like a milkshake or smoothie and transition a lot quicker.

Ages 12 month to 3 years

Buy a stainless steel bottle for young children that has a non leak lid and can be washed and reused. You had add the powder and milk into the bottle and just shake it quickly for a few seconds and then hand it to the child. There will always be a small residue but this is because the product is wholesome and made with real ingredient not processed. The bottle however will stop a lot of this coming through and the shaking helps mix the product better with the milk.

Aged 3 years and above

I use a small 200ml milk glass bottle and a stainless steel straw, as they are washable and reusable, with the amount of plastic floating in our ocean we need to all do our part in using reusable sources whenever possible.

Put the milk and then the product into the glass bottle and mix well with a teaspoon, then had the straw and it ready to drink.

For the older school kids you can make a smoothie and just add it to a glass cup.

We hope to have our own range of bottles, stainless steal straws and glass milk bottle available for sale very shortly to make life easier.

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